Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Matanzas, Cuba.  The bus we were on wouldn’t fit through the underpass so everyone had to grab their gear and walk.

Sienna, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia.  (Overlander Falls I think.)   These falls were a short hike in from the parking lot.  A group of kayakers arrived at the top of the falls.  We waited to see what they would do next.  I snapped some photos of close calls with the rapids.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

I had a busy day today, despite traveling for about 4 1/2 hours I managed to get some major chores done.  When I got home with my grandson we were doing some work in the yard and found these busy ants.  I’m not sure if they were carrying things into the tree or into the ground on the stick roadway that they created.  There was a steady stream of ants going up and down the stick.

I noticed these beauties last week but didn’t have a chance to take a photo.  Today’s challenge seemed a perfect opportunity.

We discovered koi or goldfish during the winter when we scraped off the pond to go skating.  Now the bull rushes are growing very fast and the fish will not be visible much longer.

This time of year I spend a lot of time outdoors.  At our new house I am working hard to establish a vegetable garden and flower beds.  The vegetable garden is very small this year because the soil is so poor.  The tomato plants were planted in what will be flower beds in the future.  Hopefully there will be enough sun for them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

When we were younger we would have water fights or run through sprinklers to cool off.  Now, many communities have added water features to their playgrounds.  These are a hit with children who love running through (and away from) the sprinklers, which shoot up when least expected.

A wait for the water to shoot out of the hose is rewarded.

(Pictures taken in Antigonish, Nova Scotia)

Family and friends gathering in someone’s backyard usually includes outdoor games and sleeping in a tent.

The Fall Fair (Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition) signals the end of summer.  It gives farmers, 4-H members and local growers an opportunity to show off the results of their work over the summer.   The amusement rides are always a part of the Fall Fair.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

A few years ago, I started feeling like my grandson was growing up at an alarming rate and I thought how different his hands would look in a few years, so I started taking pictures of his hands doing everyday things.

I love the way small, plump, dimpled hands look when they are lifting the bowl to drink the last bit of milk out of a bowl of cereal.

Little hands are capable of so much.

Weekly Photo Challenge: together

In Cuba the children use a cardboard box for a toboggan.  This happy pair is tobogganing down the sand at the beach.  I have also watched young people toboggan down the steep grassy slope by the bridge in Varadero on their cardboard sleds.   It was a new way of doing things for us Canadians, but the joy of gliding down a hill is the same everywhere.  We had an old wooden toboggan that would hold about 6 people squeezed on together.  It was a blast for young and old.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I worked for years as an arts administrator with a touring theatre company and a visual arts organization.  The way arts organizations are able to transform a space always amazed me.  When the theatre company set up for a show in the local fire hall, it was transformed into a theatre by 8 pm that night, complete with a stage, lights, sound and seats arranged for an audience.  In this case, a juried exhibit, youth exhibit and exhibit of work from the community workshop filled this church basement with art.  The arrangement of the art work made you forget you were in a church basement which was more often the location of Brownie and Guide meetings, AA meetings and church lunches.

Although chairs were arranged for the opening, it was standing room only.  Gathering of the Arts opening receptions in Antigonish always draw a big crowd.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Usually people are looking out windows at the farm animals.

This is Lily.  She is a large horse that was born on our farm.   She became a big ol’ pet.  For awhile she was getting out of her fence early in the morning and when I came downstairs she was always waiting at one of the windows for me.  One morning she even climbed up the stairs to the front deck.  Thankfully she was easy to put back in the fence.