Barlovento, Varadero, Cuba

We got a package deal from Halifax in April for 2 weeks all inclusive for $1,284.00.  This included flight, accommodations, food and beverages.

Varadero, Cuba

The Barlovento is on 1st Ave in Varadero and at the end of town near the bridge, which is the entrance to Varadero.

Barlovento Hotel, Varadero, Cuba

The good things:

The hotel is kept very clean, our rooms were cleaned everyday.  We had clean towels and hot water.

Barlovento Hotel, Varadero Cuba

Wonderful entertainment:  The dance troupe was fabulous, their shows were thrilling to watch.  There was also a great young band who gave a concert one night.  It was hard to remain in my seat.  One night there was a magic show featuring several different magic acts.

The staff was generally pleasant and for the most part helpful.

My favorite things:

It was easy and relaxed to enjoy the beach with our Cuban friends.  The downtown location meant the beach was truly for everyone.

There was lots of great restaurants within walking distance.

The bridge and the area around it was always busy, so was an interesting place for walking.

It was easy to get a particular taxi from here.

The not so good:

The food wasn’t the best, but we were prepared for this and ate out a lot.

The hotel ran out of wine quite often!  We brought our own to the buffet on one occasion and it was no problem.

For the price, it was great.

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