A new pet

I haven’t been doing well at filling my blog with tales and pictures of my travels.  I look forward to the weekly photo challenge on Fridays to add new posts to the blog.  (Any ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ I get act like a drug encouraging me to keep at it-thank you all so much!)

For the past few months my focus has been much closer to home.  I have a new puppy!

This is Koopa, the momma of 9 healthy english bulldog puppies which were delivered by C-section (a common procedure for bull dogs).  We were told not to leave the puppies unattended with the mother, so kept them warm in a box when she wasn’t feeding them.    When Koopa was feeling better she was a wonderful mother and wanted to have access to her puppies all the time.  In this picture the puppies are making noises in the tote where she is resting her head.

This is our new puppy, Princess Peach.  Many dogs in our family have been named after characters in the Super Mario game.  I think a full grown english bulldog snorting and snoring answering to ‘Peaches’ will be somewhat comical.

She already shows an aptitude and interest in gardening.

Her best buddy is her brother Bowser.  She is able to play with him every few days.  On this day they found mud and after a bath needed to be wrapped in a blanket to warm up.