Ploughing Snow

Yesterday was a beautiful winter day here in Nova Scotia.   A sky full of great big fluffy snow flakes slowly, patiently made their way to the ground, then melted almost as soon as they fell.  It was peaceful and breathtaking.  It made me love winter and feel fortunate to live in Canada where we can count on snow in the winter.

When I work up this morning I had to clear the snow.  It had stopped melting when it hit the ground.  Our new house has a long, long driveway.

I guess at this point a bit of background information is in order.   I am a bad driver.  I have never been in an accident, but I really don’t like driving.  I don’t enjoy loud machines.    My family makes great sport of this. 

While my husband was home during Christmas he bought a used plow for the front of the 4 wheeler, so I could clear the driveway myself.  We were all very excited; this plow was going to work great.  It would make up for the past year’s invention, which was a plow made out of half a plastic barrel and some metal.  It did not work.  It just rode on top of the snow.  It was less frustrating to shovel the driveway myself.

The first snowfall after installing the plow, happened when my daughter and 7 year old grandson were visiting.   Both of them knew how to work the wheeler much better than I did.  I was pleased with this, until my daughter filmed me getting the machine started (after much muttering and pushing of unnecessary buttons) and plowing the driveway (so slow that a little boy and bull dog could run beside me).   I am always good for some family entertainment.  My husband said he watched it four times-YouTube here we come.

Today I was completely on my own.  First the lock for the shed where the wheeler is kept was frozen solid.  I blew on the lock to warm it up-being careful not to touch it (a lesson most Canadians learn early) until it melted the ice inside.


I lifted the blade of the wheeler and pulled the choke, turned the key and pushed the starter.  It coughed and sputtered but started.  I put it into gear and drove it down the narrow ramp and out of the shed.  One run up the driveway, put it in reverse gear, stall, start again, stall, start and back up.  Put it in first gear, stall, re-start it and ‘give’er’.  I made it all the way back, although I still went slow.  Feeling encouraged,  I thought I should have a back-up space for the car.  That is when the machine decided it no longer wanted to work in 4 wheel drive.  So, I put it in neutral, lifted the blade, got off the machine and pushed and pulled until it would back up in 2 wheel drive.  There was quite a bit more of the stalling, pushing and pulling before I got the machine back in the shed.  I shovelled the rest.

The forecast calls for 10 to 15cm of snow tomorrow.  I think I will wait and see if it warms up enough in the next few days to melt the snow.