With the media focusing on the latest Canadian injured while visiting Mexico, I thought I would talk a bit about safety while travelling.

I have stayed in places where a room with a toilet seat meant you had a premium room and have not had a problem.  Here are a few tips to keep you safe or make you feel safe while travelling.

1.  Give the appearance that you are in control. If you look helpless, no matter where you are you could get into trouble.  To help you continue to look like you are in control watch your alcohol consumption.  A person who has drank too much,  is not and does not look in control. If you are sick or exhausted from walking around, take a break, sit down, have a coffee and recharge your batteries.  You’ll feel better and look less like a target.  Do some research before you head out so that you have an idea where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

2.  If you are wearing a money belt, keep it hidden, nothing looks sillier or more like a disorganized tourist than a money belt worn outside their pants or shirt.  Take any money you feel you need for the day out of the money belt and put it in a secure pocket (a pocket with a zipper or velcro closure works great-you can always add self-adhesive velcro to clothing if necessary).  If you still don’t feel secure use a safety-pin to discretely close the zipper-this works great to safeguard zippered compartments of purses.

3.  Leave your expensive jewelry and clothing at home, unless your goal is to impress thieves with your affluence.

4.  Travel with a buddy.

5.  Scan and e-mail your passport, pre-booked tickets, itinerary, accommodation reservations etc to your Gmail address.  If you are robbed, you just have to get to a computer and can download and print documents needed to continue your journey and get your passport replaced.

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