Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colours.  I have many purple flowers in my garden.



At a square in Nice, near the waterfront,  I noticed a series of plastic men perched atop high poles and wondered why plastic was used for them.  In the evening when we walked by again the men were lit up with colours that kept changing.  It was a pretty neat effect.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

When traveling what we often see is the outside of buildings.  We walked by this impressive building several times, before we decided to go inside and see what it contained.

It was the Army Museum and

Napoleon’s Tomb.

We were amazed at what we found inside.

There were rooms filled with armour.  There was even armour for children and horses, which must have been hot and heavy to wear.

Napoleon’s Tomb under the dome was beautiful.

An army museum is not something I would venture into normally, especially when there are so many art museums to visit in Paris. This museum was well worth going inside.  For more information on the museum visit their web site at:  http://www.invalides.org.